The machine that captures excess is an electrical video device designed on the basis of the operation of a television studio. For this machine, the function of the camera source signal in a studio is replaced by the editing station. Therefore, in front of the director there is not a subject shot by the cameramen, but the output of the editing work done by the editors. His creative logic is inspired by the functioning of the distilling machine, or, in nature, by the formation of crystals. The reason for his experimentation finds its reason in dissuading singular authorial processes and a single view, in the unforeseen and possible power of a collective genius at work, in its typical features of the game and of turning into form through fantasy. Despite the complicated set of cables, connections and devices described below, the elements that will allow their exemplary functioning are not technical, but human. Confidence among friends, knowledge of the repertoire, concentration over a medium-long period, a trained corner of the eye, clear ears, the desire, a sensitivity able to discern something concretely serious from a symptom of one’s own or others’ tiredness, are the required elements.

CIRCUIT The device consists of 8 workstations.
  • 5 for editing
  • 2 for audio
  • 1 for directing

EDITING STATIONS Each workstation is operated by a connoisseur and a hare. The former has developed his own knowledge of the archive, he has an imaginary dotted with references of which he knows the addresses in order to find them within the mine and is thus able to put the hare on the right path. The latter is skilled and quick in the use of editing softwares, he follows the connoisseur putting his references in front of him, he surprises him with unexpected suggestions like those only who doesn’t know can do. Both contribute to the weaving with their row.

AUDIO STATIONS There are two different stations, with two different purposes and two different operators. There is the narrator and the sky scraper. The narrator works on the construction of a balanced and independent sound fabric capable of amalgamating the different sources he receives in a completely autonomous way. He gives more predominance to a conversation, to a background, to some music, live and at will. Duration does not bother him. The sky scraper builds stairs, or clouds, or floors. His work is that of sound, echo, refrain, amplified drop, full silence.

THE DIRECTOR His job is to distill or create crystals.

Roma, 29 aprile 2019

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