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Having started this, driven more by madness than by economy (to which, however, some friends have referred to, immediately throwing into this adventure a bit of what they had, some had money, some had something else), we start this fundraising to allow all of this to be done in the form it deserves, since – technical, logistic, material – needs are not few, even within the rigor with which we move.

The budget is used to sustain the expenses necessary to fuel work on research, cataloging, metadatation, sound engineering, editing and disassembling the archive of enrico ghezzi and producing the film The last days of humanity. It’s the work of the editorial staff. Fifteen people that include video editors, sound engineers, musicians, philosophers, poets and navigators who are facing this venture planning since October 2019.

Therefore we have launched a fundraiser that will be active until May 30th 2022.


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