We do not adequately think about the real rift that cinema brings to history, the one we are used to thinking of as the history of humanity or the world, cinema is the first moment in which the world sees itself. Then we know that it is fake, that it’s a trick, that they are single frames, but while photography is a frozen instant, with cinema we can once again see a horse, the world can see itself and this in itself is a realization that one does not think of… It is a small system, mechanical, banal, simple, corruptible, but sufficient to produce a self viewing of world that is in itself immediately Nietzschean, circular.¹

titolo film inglese

a film thing by  enrico ghezzi and malastradafilm

editorial staff  Armando Andria, Maria Héléne Bertino, Silvia Cafora, Dario Castelli, Rosalia Cecere, Andrea Coppola, cyop&kaf, Gianvito D’Orio, Donatello Fumarola, Alessandro Gagliardo, Manlio Garavaglia, enrico ghezzi, Rosa Maietta, Gabriele Monaco, Olimpia Pierucci, Marco Salvatico, Luca Serafino

produced by  malastradafilm, Zomia e H12

with the complicity of  Nennella Bonaiuto, Martina Ghezzi, Mario Martone, Toni Servillo, l’Asilo, Budou/Passepartout, Cinema Postmodernissimo, La Camera Ottica, Carrozzerie | n.o.t

with the collaboration of  Fondazione Morra, Parallelo 41

executive producers  Donatello Fumarola, Gabriele Monaco, Armando Andria

colour correction  Simona Infante

photos  Luca Anzani

translations  Nadia Arancio

graphic design  Greg Olla

made with love with  Cubotto

media allies  Taxi Drivers, Quinlan, Sentieri Selvaggi

Halfway, the list of thanks is already very long, we will give an account of every single contribution at the end (?) of the venture.


¹ enrico ghezzi, from a dialogue with the philosopher Emanuele Severino.

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